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Living on less than you make is a matter of controlling yourself, not a matter of math.Dave Ramsey

but how do you gain control?

I had studied what all the smart financial people were saying, yet one question kept looping through my mind,

Would I have to keep working 'till I dropped?

Hi, I'm Grant. Based on those oh-so-smart financial calculators, I personally thought my wife and I were years away from being able to do things that inspire us. It seemed like no matter how hard we worked, that mythical amount remained just out of reach.

But in 2012, an emotional spark woke us up. After that wake-up call, we still wrestled with two facts:

1. Our activities back then would likely result in regrets.

2. Our attitudes at the time didn’t leave room for fun.

We came to a simple but profound conclusion:

If we're serious about living without regrets and having fun, we had to get busy doing things that inspire us.

Cutting costs enabled us to:

Say goodbye to corporate life

Awaken our childlike curiosity

Pursue things we love

We also found new ways to:

Become more creative

Have fun while making money

Enjoy life on our terms

From our experience, I believe we could have been doing more of what we love earlier in life had someone taught us the lessons we've used since 2012.

And now you know why I'm on a mission:

To help others figure out how they, too, can do things they love before their life clock runs out.

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