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Millions of Americans struggle with regrets, especially those age 50 and older. Typically underserved and ignored by most financial advisors, their dreams are at risk because they lack know-how and resources.

Many believe they’ll have to continue working until they drop.

Instead, I believe you can explore, plan, and do inspiring things.Grant and Dana

You can learn how to:

Attain the know-how

Acquire the resources

Do things that inspire you


Why explore, plan, and do?

Everyone has some degree of control over their attitude and activities. That belief has helped me define and solve problems for most of my life. But when my father came to live with us in his mid-eighties, I felt powerless to help him overcome his struggle with regrets.

You see, my dad’s attitude left him feeling like he could not address the disappointments in his life. Thus, he had many unresolved regrets! Sadly, there was little time left to help Dad before his life clock ran out.

That feeling of powerlessness served as our emotional spark, inspiring a huge blaze of activities devoted to answering this key question:

What do you need to do now to enjoy life while you still can?

Inspired to answer important questions

Consider these questions and you’ll gain a sense of why I want to show you how to explore, plan, and do things that inspire you:

Why do 70% of Baby Boomers (millions of individuals and couples typically ignored by most financial advisors) think they have to work until they drop?

Not receiving the know-how and resources from financial advisors is one issue, but what else prevents those age 50 and older from finding practical yet fun ways to do things that inspire them?

For those who continue to postpone doing things they love, what joy and opportunities will they have sacrificed?

Why do so many think that it is difficult if not impossible to attain the know-how and acquire the resources to do things that inspire them?

Start Here

By decreasing expense and over time, increasing income, you can free up the funds to do things that inspire you. Start here and read this post.

Also, you’re not alone. Millions share similar challenges. To receive a healthy dose of inspiration, read this article, which clarifies the problem and offers the solution.

And if you want to get the details behind why we do the things we do, then get your copy of my book, Retire CRAZY Good.

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