Hi, I’m Fergy, and on a mission to create fun books!


You might wonder, How do you create fun books?

I can’t say for sure how others might do it. For me, it started when I decided to retire crazy good. You know, finally time to reflect on the things you love to do, letting inspiration bubble to the surface.

That’s important because even though a person might be able to do many things, few make your blood percolate.

I thought about how most of life’s victories result from solving problems. Books contain wisdom, contributing to a reader’s ability to overcome challenges. Thus, reading is an essential skill to find and apply solutions.

Today, many do not enjoy reading, and they frequently struggle to focus and wrestle with comprehension.

That gave me an idea for a mission: to create fun books.

I explored what inspires a lifetime of reading, finding many books with topics and images that appeal to readers before and during their middle-school years.

I love to write and draw, so, I set a goal to create a series of entertaining books, the kind I wanted to read when I was 8 to 12 years old.

The creative process proved challenging and rewarding. Go to the Books page and check out the latest in the Cliftopolis Chronicles.

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