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Millions of Americans age 50+ struggle with regrets. Typically underserved and ignored by most financial advisors, their dreams are at risk because they lack know-how and resources.

Many believe they’ll have to continue working until they drop.

Instead, I believe you can explore, plan, and do inspiring things.Grant and Dana

You can learn how to:

Attain the know-how

Acquire the resources

Do things that inspire you


Why explore, plan, and do?

Everyone has some degree of control over their attitude and activities. That belief has helped me define and solve problems for most of my life. But when my father came to live with us in his mid-eighties, I felt powerless to help him overcome his struggle with regrets.

You see, my dad’s attitude left him feeling like he could not address the disappointments in his life. Thus, he had many unresolved regrets! Sadly, there was little time left to help Dad before his life clock ran out.

That feeling of powerlessness served as our emotional spark, inspiring a huge blaze of activities devoted to answering this key question:

What do you need to do now to enjoy life while you still can?

Inspired to answer important questions

Consider these questions and you’ll gain a sense of why I want to show you how to explore, plan, and do things that inspire you:

Why do 70% of Baby Boomers (millions of individuals and couples typically ignored by most financial advisors) think they have to work until they drop?

Not receiving the know-how and resources from financial advisors is one issue, but what else prevents those age 50 and older from finding practical yet fun ways to do things that inspire them?

For those who continue to postpone doing things they love, what joy and opportunities will they have sacrificed?

Why do so many think that it is difficult if not impossible to attain the know-how and acquire the resources to do things that inspire them?

Candid answers to inspire you

Within the pages of Retire Crazy Good, you’ll find our candid answers. Also, when you join, you’ll receive updates that address other important questions, including:

 How can pre- and post-retirees do the things that inspire them even if they have not saved the amount specified by those oh-so-smart-financial calculators?

 Where do you find the know-how and boldness to make the hard choices and to take the necessary action steps?

What does it really take to create a plan, work that plan, and keep following the steps without burning yourself out?

Inspiration and answers for your unique situation

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by these kinds of questions, don’t worry! My research found plenty of potential answers. And we learned even more as we applied those answers to do things that inspire us.

We hope you’ll join the quest, get routine doses of inspiration, and see if those answers might be a good fit for your unique situation. New articles are usually posted each week.

What people are saying about the book

I love the fact that the goal of retiring crazy good is not about finances. Instead, it is about changing priorities and finding a way to realize life-long dreams while you still can. —Sharon Ware, Dandelion Consulting

It is like a blueprint for all of us to help us change our lives to do the things in life we want to do. —Adele Douglass, Executive Director Humane Farm Animal Care

We’ve known Grant for several years and he has hit on a real key to happiness: the freedom to see, live, and enjoy what matters most. —Lynn and Marion Waldon, Pre-retirees

Grant has a heart for helping people. He’s serious about helping you find what you love to do so you’ll never work another day in your life. —Rosemary Foley, Pre-retiree

What a delightful story of faith knit together with real world application, excellent. —John Michieli, Author of Daddy Devos Today

A must read for planning and the retirement dream. —Ben Langley, Retired

My husband and I are still in the process of determining our dream; however, with the very well written and detailed information provided in Grant’s book, we look forward to utilizing the tools provided as we continue our journey. —Gaylen Howe, Pre-retiree

My good friend Grant Ferguson has become quite the gifted writer. He has been a talented teacher and communicator for as long as I’ve known him, and I’m excited to see him sharing his wisdom with others. —Bryan Wilson, Pre-retiree

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