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Retire crazy good. Sound fun? Yeah, lots!

Finally, time to reflect. You know, thinking about things you love to do, letting inspiration bubble to the surface. That’s important because even though a person might be able to do many things, few of those efforts make your blood percolate.

After identifying the things I love to do, I chose to focus on my passions and abandon other endeavors. That required more thinking.

I reflected on career successes and failures. Before retirement, most victories resulted from solving problems. In hindsight, the ability to read was the essential skill that enabled me to find and apply those solutions. Books contained wisdom, and the authors served as mentors who could help me overcome life’s obstacles.

If you have children or grandchildren, you are sadly aware that most do not know the full joys of reading. They struggle to focus and wrestle with comprehension.

Exploring what might entice youth to read, I discovered that the most successful books for youth ages 8 to 12 combine interesting topics and stimulating images. And, I love to write and draw.

So, I set a goal to write and illustrate books that would encourage young people to read. The intent is to help kids, but I have to admit that the creative process continues to release within me massive flows of joy.

In the future, I’ll update this site and share not only the books written but also posts about writing and illustrating.

If you want to encourage young people read, or if you like to write or draw, please check back soon.

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