The Cliftopolis Chronicles

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Preston Gustoffagus — G to his friends — is an 11-year-old genius. He’s a maker, loves to experiment, and creates amazing inventions in his basement laboratory.

In the first book of the Cliftopolis Chronicles, Time Past, G with the help of his three friends and the unlikely assist from the school bully, must rid the town of a creature who turns kids into minions and places adults under his psychic control.

But time is running out to free G’s classmates and parents from the curse of Cliftopolis’ dark past. G’s abilities are put to the test in this suspenseful, action-packed installment, as he and friends struggle in the strange and dangerous world they discover. (learn more…)

In the second book of the Cliftopolis Chronicles, Time Shift, all the adults are under the psychic control of the monster, Baruokull.

G and friends must figure out how they can go back to 1914 and stop the secret society from creating the monster.

Our hero is stretched to the limit in this action-packed second book, as he and his teammates continue to wrestle with challenges, battle the trollbies, and prepare for time travel.

Join the team in their quest to cross the time barrier and put an end to the creature before the trollbies wipe out the world. (learn more…)