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Do things that inspire you…

Do things that inspire youYou’ve worked hard to define your dreams and to outline the action steps. Now, it’s time to begin the next chapter of your life.

Turn your vision into reality. Follow your plan and enjoy life while you still can.

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Retire CRAZY Good Attain Know-how: Follow the Plan to attain the know-how essential to executing the action steps.

Retire CRAZY Good Acquire Resources: The action steps in the Plan guide you to acquire the necessary resources.

Retire CRAZY Good Do Planned Steps: Let the Plan guide you but not like a rigid project. Keep your emphasis on enjoying life while you still can.

During the transition, your prioritized action steps will likely remain the best way to turn your dream into reality. But during this time, you remain in control of the pace and whatever adjustments you should make.

By measuring “progress” instead of arbitrary deadlines, you make real progress towards realizing your unique dream. You set the pace, so savor the satisfaction of making headway while you enjoy life.


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