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Plan to do things that inspire youInspiration without a plan is but fleeting vapor. That’s why creating your personalized roadmap is so important.

Outline the know-how and resources you’ll need. Then, map the actions steps that lead to dream fulfillment.

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Retire CRAZY Good Define Dream: Deploy your learning from the Explore milestone to create a highly personalized vision of your life—your dream. Develop WHY your dream is meaningful to you, HOW it will require changes, and WHAT you believe your ideal life might look like after you apply your passions and talents.

Retire CRAZY Good Specify Know-how: Within your Plan, outline whatever know-how will be needed. Research where you can attain the free or low-cost education and skills, including the ongoing need to first learn and then practice whatever is required.

Retire CRAZY Good List Resources: Outline the resources required to fulfill your dream and overcome your life challenges.

Your Plan will include your dream definition, know-how requirements, resource needs, goals, priorities, action steps, and phased implementation schedule.

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