Retire Crazy Good

Do Things That Inspire You!

Enjoy life now…

Despite the gloom and doom promoted by the media, these are exciting and fun times for those willing to explore, plan, and do things that inspire them.

Best of all, you don’t have to be super rich. Most of the things are FREE!

The happiest people typically have some overriding purpose in their lives. They’ve figured out the things they love to do.

Want to do things other than work until you drop? Begin to enjoy life now.

Explore to discover things that inspire you Discover things that inspire you. Start with lifetime longings and then use your childlike curiosity to explore new and exciting possibilities.

Explore to begin your fun adventure!

Plan to do things that inspire youYour inspired vision of life deserves a plan, which will serve as a map that leads from where you are now to where you want to go, leaving room to follow your heart’s desires.

Plan to do things that inspire you!

Do things that inspire youThis part of the quest does not have to be scary or stressful. You set the pace and are free to speed up or slow down so you can enjoy life.

Do the things you love.