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The Quest Course — Fall 2017

A one-of-a-kind e-course that teaches you how to explore, plan, and do things that inspire you.

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Based on those oh-so-smart financial calculators, I personally thought my wife and I were years away from being able to do things that inspire us. It seemed like no matter how hard we worked, that mythical amount remained just out of reach.

But in 2012, an emotional spark woke us up (if you want the details, go to the sidebar and get your copy of Retire CRAZY Good). After that wake-up call, my wife and I wrestled with two facts:

  1. Our activities back then would likely result in life regrets.
  2. Our attitudes at the time didn’t leave much room for fun.

We came to a simple but profound conclusion: if we wanted to live without regrets and have more fun, we had to get busy doing things that inspire us.

We reflected on our lives, causing us to question the wisdom typically dispensed by the financial community. So we researched things that would make us happy yet were not so dependent on money.

In our quest we found:

Retire CRAZY Good An abundance of inspirational things to do.

Retire CRAZY Good Activities we love that were either free or low cost.

Retire CRAZY Good Ways to decrease expense and increase income.

To realize our dream of the future, we:

Retire CRAZY Good Followed the action steps in our plan.

Retire CRAZY Good Said goodbye to corporate life.

Retire CRAZY Good Began our full-time adventure doing things that inspire us.

From our experience, I believe we could have been doing more of what we love earlier in life had someone taught us the lessons packed into the Quest course.

And now you know why I’m on a mission:

To help Americans age 50 and older figure out how they, too, can do things they love before their life clock runs out.

Let me be clear on this point: I don’t pretend to know it all. But thousands, maybe even millions, need this course. And, they need the lessons sooner not later, which is why I need to launch the Quest now!

And that brings me back to you. By providing your feedback on the pilot course, you have an opportunity to enhance the lives of others and to become an important contributor to this mission!

The pilot course is FREE!

All I ask for is your candid feedback on how to improve the Quest.

Course Outline

Three milestones to get to your end goal of doing things that inspire you:

  1. Explore
  2. Plan
  3. Do

Within the milestones are eight fun and exciting action steps:

  1. Identify your inspiration
  2. Determine your purpose
  3. Define your dream
  4. Specify the necessary know-how
  5. List the required resources
  6. Attain the know-how
  7. Acquire the resources
  8. Do the planned steps

The course is NOT a good fit for people who:

Retire CRAZY Good Are already doing what they love.

Retire CRAZY Good Feel like life cannot get any better.

Retire CRAZY Good Wake up excited about each day’s potential.

I designed the Quest for those who:

Retire CRAZY Good Want to do things that inspire you.

Retire CRAZY Good Feel like there’s more to life than just working until you drop.

Retire CRAZY Good Hunger to explore life’s abundant possibilities.

Each self-paced step of the Quest brings you closer to doing things you love.

Join in the Quest and do things that inspire you!

I’m looking forward to your participation and feedback!


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